Wednesday, 17 October 2012


We're still here!!! That is online and still in the Whitsundays...
Having a great time with good company, a mixture of sundowners, lots of snorkeling, swimming and some kayaking.
Some friends have already gone south, others we look forward to catching up with when they get here from up north.
 Did a tiki tour over the school holidays when friends visited from Rocky. You are limited to how much can be squeezed into a few days, but they got the sailing experience. Collected oysters and caught some fish - swam with some too, while snorkeling. Did a small trek to the caves at Nara for a bit of land touring and aboriginal art.  Saw mantas and dolphins but didnt find whales or sharks- think they were pleased about not finding sharks!!!  Fun was had by allllll.
I had to move Morgan out of the way of a shark at Whitehaven beach last week. I was standing on shore watching it approach her ( she was about 2 meters in from the edge) I thought it might divert around her, but it wasn't. So I just called her out of the water and it continued on straight past. we then walked along with it to get others out of its way. It was about a meter and a quarter fat looking  grey reef.
We still have a couple more weeks around here before we start to look at going south, allowing 5-6 weeks to get back to Brisbane, hopefully getting some northerlies to travel on.